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Second Baby Registry Picks

Well y'all at the time I'm writing this there are roughly 4 weeks left in my pregnancy (it has felt like the looongest pregnancy so typing just 4 weeks seems unreal!). Taylor and I are both procrastinators, but somehow doing things under a little time pressure actually works best for us so we didn't start actually prepping for baby #2 until a couple weeks ago. Our focus before that was prepping Lou's big boy room (also holy cow my first baby is now a big boy!). However, for months I have been thoughtfully working on our private registry to make sure we wouldn't forget any must-haves for second baby while also avoiding overspending on nonessentials.

The first time building a registry and planning for baby is so overwhelming to the point it seems like you need to buy every little thing that mommy bloggers or Buy Buy Baby tells you, but by the second round it feels like we know better. But! There is also the issue that you likely already have so much leftover from your first baby that it can still be a challenge to decide what is truly needed. My most optimal state of being is when I'm working towards making our home and everything in it function as efficiently as possible so even though I'm not a parenting expert (more like constantly learning and adapting as I go), I hope this list of items helps you save time and stress if you too are prepping for an additional little bundle of joy in your home.

*indicates affiliate links which mean Bread&Kale receives a small commission from purchases made directly through these links.

Frida Mom Nursing Pillow

When I was expecting Lou I did a bit of nursing pillow research, but honestly I went with one that just looked comfortable and cute. It was fine and honestly I still have it so that I can have a couple of nursing pillows around the house, but I am SO excited that Frida Mom has since come out with a nursing pillow. If you've had a baby in the last few years then odds are you are familiar with Frida Baby/Mom. They continue to come out with innovative products and redesigns of classic baby+parent products that are real game changers. I'm most excited for this pillow for a few reasons (but there are honestly too many to list because they really thought about function and the needs of mama with this design):

  • The pillow features 3 layers which are removable so you can adjust firmness and position based on baby's stage and comfort.

  • Inclined armrest to help mama stay comfortable during nursing sessions as well as small pockets in the front to store items like your phone and a snack.

  • Heat pockets are located in the front section and removable backrest so you can ease your aches and pains while nursing.

The Baby Brew

I cannot tell you the number of bowls, mugs, and pint glasses we used to warm up Lou's bottles while out-and-about. Anyone who follows me on @BreadandKaleEnthusiast on Instagram knows that Taylor and I have continued to be active especially regularly hitting up our favorite local businesses and activities with Lou in tow even when he was just a few weeks old. If you're like us then you know how awkward it can be to ask an unsuspecting waiter or bartender for something to warm up your bottle of milk and then how tricky it is to actually get said milk to the proper temperature.

Thank goodness since we had Lou, The Baby Brew was created! It is a battery-powered, portable bottle warmer that can last up to 8 hours and works with most baby bottles (adapters can be bought for brands that do not fit). Road trips and adventures around town just got so much easier! If you use formula they also have a sleek formula dispenser available.

Elvie Pump + Elvie Curve

Easily the item I wanted more than anything else for baby #2! I nursed Lou for 14 months and built up a sizable freezer surplus thanks to pumping which allowed this mama to enjoy date nights, adult beverages guilt-free, and bonding time for Lou with other family members. However, I know with a toddler running around that I will not be able to plug in for 20 minutes per day. Thanks to the wearable design of the Elvie pump I'll be able to build a surplus while chasing after a busy 3 year old and tending to a new baby. Ps highly recommend checking out an insurance option like Aeroflow to save on the Elvie (or any breastpump!). It was still an investment item, but I was able to save almost $200.

We're also going out of town for a wedding just 2 months after baby arrives so I am so relieved to be able to bring a convenient pump to maintain my supply for the 3 1/2 days I'll be away from baby.

The Elvie curve is designed to gently express milk while nursing on the other side. I tried a couple options for this with Lou (I'm sure we've all seen the Haakaa pump), and I just did not have success with those designs. The curve seems ideal since it seamlessly fits within your bra. Very hopeful for this to help get every little bit of liquid gold possible!

Babysense Split Screen Monitor

We still use a monitor for Lou which we plan to continue since he will move upstairs to his big boy room ahead of baby's arrival. He likes being able to communicate with us when he is in his room (especially since he was potty trained) plus it eases my mama anxiety. Our current monitor has worked fine for the most part and can work with multiple cameras, but it only displays one at a time. The Babysense split screen monitor seems like an ideal option so we can always keep an eye on baby's nursery and Lou's big boy room. We also only look at monitor options that are closed loop so we don't have to worry about hacking.

Fisher Price On-The-Go Baby Dome

This honestly started as an impulse purchase, but now that we have it in our home I am so glad I ordered Fisher Price's on-the-go baby dome. It folds up pretty flat and has handles to make it easy to move around. This will be our go-to at home when I need a place in the living room to let baby nap or play while being hands-on with Lou, but it is so portable that we'll bring it to friend's homes and playgrounds. The dome is perfect to protect baby from the sun. I just love anything that serves so many functions and can be stored out of sight whenever not in use.

A seasoned mom friend also gave me the advice to always have a place in each room to safely contain baby because you never know when your toddler is going to require you to be hands-on. We also have a few other items like the Baby Bjorn, pack n' play, and baby swing, but I really love that the baby dome is so easily moved and works for both play and nap time.

Hatch Rest + Sound Machine

We already have the Hatch Rest sound machine, but since we bought that for Lou Hatch has come out with the Rest + so we've added it to our home so each boy can have their own sound machine. The Rest + features a variety of sounds, lights, sleep programs, time-to-rise, and companion app just like the original Hatch Rest, but it also has an audio monitor and ability to control with Alexa. I think the Rest + is will be worth the extra $30, but to be honest I think no matter what you cannot go wrong with either Hatch sound machine!

*tip- when your little one is getting close to transition from crib to toddler bed, begin using the time-to-rise feature. The sound machine will automatically switch from the nightlight+chosen bedtime sound to a wake up light+sound (we use the bird chirping and bright color) so you're little one learns to stay in bed until the designated time-to-rise!

Frida Mom Postpartum Recovery Kit and Peri Bottle

Another example of Frida Mom products I wish were around when I had Lou! I spent so much effort putting together postpartum recovery items. Now I'm already prepared thanks to the postpartum recovery kit which even comes with a caddy to keep it all organized and accessible.

I did debate whether to order the peri bottle because I was just happy the have the one the hospital provides during my last postpartum recovery (without TMI, recovering from Lou's birth was a lot rougher than I expected so I had to use that dang bottle for a while). I have heard from tons of other moms though that the design of Frida Mom's peri bottle really is more ideal.

Uppababy Vista Ride Along Piggyback Board

Ok, this suggestion is obviously exclusive to anyone else who happens to have an Uppababy stroller (we love ours so much still!). Ever since we got the Uppababy Vista stroller we've been excited to add the piggyback board once Lou becomes a big brother. Toddler moms know they hit a stage when sitting in a stroller is akin to utter torture so we're hoping the piggyback board will help Lou enjoy nice long walks with baby brother more than being stuck in his stroller seat.

Kinsa Thermometer

This might seem like a random item to focus on, but we've had bad luck with the fancy thermometers so I did a lot of digging for a classic option that would have a couple advantages. Enter the Kinsa thermometer! It is a classic style, but with smart features like an app that allows you to create profiles for each member of your family. The app offers personalized guidance based on age, fever, and symptoms. It allows you to track the timeline of an illness which is useful information when communicating with your doctor. You can even track medications so there is no second guessing what time someone took the Tylenol. It is also FDA cleared and features 8 second temperature reads.

Sollybaby Wrap

I've heard that once you add a baby to a home with a toddler that you better be prepared to wear that baby while you do all the things! We still have our Ergobaby carrier from Lou which is great when traveling or going around on adventures and walks, but it is bulky so I cannot wait to have the comfort and ease of the Sollybaby wrap (which is also just so beautifully designed).

New Bottles- Avent Glass Bottles and Boon Nursh Silicone Bottles

It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I read it is important to replace bottles after a certain amount of time due to bacteria and stuff so I decided to ditch the Avent plastic bottles for a glass set with a protective sleeve. I feel more comfortable knowing that baby's milk will be warmed in a glass bottle which then is protected by the included sleeve (the large bottle sleeve is not included, but ordered one separately). In order to stress less while out though we also got the Boon Nursh silicone bottles so there is no risk of broken glass by the pool or patio. The inner pouch of the silicone bottle also collapses while baby drinks limiting gas-inducing air intake.

WeeSprout 3-in-1 High Chair

We've talked for the last 2 years about getting rid of the bulky Graco high chair we registered for when I was pregnant with Lou. The Weesprout chair is sleekly designed and easy to clean. It also transitions with your child from 6 months to 5+ years.

This list doesn't contain 100% of the items we have bought while prepping for second baby, but these are definitely what we feel are the must-haves to feel prepared. Again, I'm no parenting expert so if you have some items that have proven to be must-haves please comment below!

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