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BKE Must-Haves: For the Kids

I've already shared my second baby registry to show off the items I needed, wanted, and swapped before we had our second son, but I hope this space will continue to evolve as our boys go through baby, toddler, and beyond. For ease of reference this list will be organized by different categories; baby and new mama, feeding kiddos, playtime and learning, and health and stuff. Even though I have two boys I do want this space to focus on general kid products to be helpful to boy and girl mamas.

Baby and New Mama

Feeding Kiddos

Playtime and Learning

Home Decor

Health and Stuff

Now even though I've used my fair share of baby, mama, kiddo products I definitely have not tried everything (also why are there thousands upon thousands of options for everything?!) plus new items are constantly coming out. If you've got some must-haves feel free to drop them below in the comments so we can all share our hacks/favs/experience with each other.

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