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DIY Toddler Golf Par-Tee

It's been almost three whole years since Lou's golf par-tee (how am I about to have a 4 year old?!), but I am still so obsessed with his 1st birthday party theme and how we pulled it off! When we first started planning Lou's first birthday party two years ago, I could be quoted saying "we'll keep it pretty low-key since he won't even remember it" and then I realized that the first birthday party is more for the parents to celebrate than the little birthday boy or girl. Once we set our theme, First Golf Par-Tee, thanks to Lou's golf loving dad it was game over and we went all out! It was so much fun and I loved the theme because we were able to get really creative while keeping the budget low. Here's how we did it!

First tip, find some cute printables to post around the party and for the food/beverages. You'll notice we used them throughout the party. Here is a link to the ones we ordered from Etsy.

The Food

The food for a golf par-tee can be super easy, but thanks to fun names you can make everything fit the theme. We served:

  • Hole-in-ones: white cake balls with green sprinkles. Donut holes would be a fun spin for a brunch time party.

  • Golf Ball Salad: mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes on toothpicks. Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar then top with fresh chopped basil.

  • Sand Trap: regular hummus

  • Chips Shots: pita chips and crackers.

  • Country Clubs: croissant sandwiches with turkey, cheese, lettuce, and tomato. Cut in half for serving.

  • Bogey Hoagies: hoagie buns with ham and cheese. Cut in half for serving.

  • Cheese wedges: any assortment of sliced cheese.

  • Divots: vegetables.

This is a time to get really creative! You can easily google golf phrases and come up with a variety of options.

The Drinks

We chose to keep the drinks pretty simple with water and juice as the "beverage cart" for kiddos, and the adults could stop by the "19th hole" for some wine or a beer poured from our kegerator. If you want additional options you could add a "watering hole" with lemonade and iced tea which of course are perfect for Arnold Palmers.

The Cake

It wouldn't be a first birthday without a a smash cake! We had local bakery, Mclain's, make a white frosted vanilla cake topped with buttercream "grass" and a fondant golf ball (removed before the smash). It was absolutely perfect! If you're hosting a golf theme party that isn't for a 1-year old then you could easily scale the design to a larger size or find plenty of inspo on Pinterest.

The Decor

We chose to keep the decor pretty simple, it was a party for a one year old after all, but I did want to make sure to have a few well thought out accent pieces. Here are some of the details:

  • Adorable high chair banner that was perfect for the theme!

  • The putting green was absolutely the highlight! We found a putting green that is still one of Lou's favorite toys (it easily rolls up for storage when not in use). We found inexpensive plastic golf clubs for the party favors and bought a couple extra for the putting green. It was a great, on-theme activity and a cute little photo opportunity.

  • Golf themed print-outs were perfect to sprinkle throughout the house for little touches of the theme.

  • Simple florals added a beautiful touch as well. We went with white hydrangeas and yellow flowers (hello colors of The Masters). In the main hydrangea arrangement we put the stems in a smaller round vase which fit inside a large square vase so we could place golf balls in the arrangement. *note: water ruins golf balls which is why we utilized the vase-within-a-vase technique to keep the golf balls dry.

The Party Favors

We knew we wanted our young guests to bring home a fun party favor without blowing the bank so we were thrilled to find these plastic golf clubs! Unfortunately I cannot find this option anymore, but Walmart does now have this cute option for one of the best prices I’ve been able to find- Plastic Golf Club Set*

*Products are linked using Amazon affiliate links. A small commission is earned on purchases made using the links (from a browser- using the app disables the affiliate link).

One last note, the theme of your baby's first birthday party should of course be fun for a one year old, but also do something that gets your creative juices flowing because before you know it your almost 4 year old will be demanding a Paw Patrol theme.

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