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Lou Explores KC: Breweries

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

If you follow me on Instagram at @BreadandKaleEnthusiast then you know that Lou has been to more KC breweries than many adults. Breweries with kids is an ideal way for mom and dad to (responsibly) enjoy a couple of beers and social time at reasonable hours so your munchkins stay happy. Now, that does not mean that every brewery is ideal for kiddos so I'm rounding up a few of our favorite KC breweries to visit with our little sidekick along with some tips to ensure your kid will be a happy camper while there. We are constantly visiting more local breweries so this is just the first edition of Lou Explores KC: Breweries so keep your eyes on @BreadandKaleEnthusiast to see where Lou goes next and for the second edition coming later this year.

Ps scroll all the way to the bottom to see the snacks and toys that are stocked in our diaper bag anytime we explore with Lou.

KC Bier Co

310 W 79th St, Kansas City, MO 64114

For the most part this list is in no particular order, but KC Bier Co must be listed first because it is so family friendly that there is a whole play area in its bier garten complete with a wooden play bar and plenty of toys. The beauty of the play area is that it allows you to combine adult social time with play dates. We almost always meet at least one friend who also has a child so it is just as much fun for Lou as it is for us. Even when it is too cold to play outside we love to take Lou to the brewery for lunch because they have his favorite lunch in KC! Simple grilled cheese and applesauce but the ingredients are the highest quality and the applesauce is even unsweetened. When we first walk in it only takes a few seconds for a staff member to ask if we need a high chair which is perfect to pull up to the end of their long tables. They even have family-friendly events like their St. Nikolaus Day which featured a jolly Santa Klaus and holiday movie marathon. Follow them on Facebook to keep up with all of their events.

Boulevard Beer Hall

2534 Madison Ave, Kansas City, MO 64108

You cannot think about Kansas City beer without Boulevard Brewing. The brewery has operated since 1989, but since 2016 they've welcomed beer lovers to their family-friendly Beer Hall. Whenever we have friends or family visiting we make a point to swing by the beer hall because it is a great destination while also being perfect for all ages. Lou's first visit was actually when he was only about one month old when my oldest brother visited with his fiance. The beer hall is incredibly spacious making it ideal whether you go for a baby-included day date, or with a large group. They've also got you covered on snacks thanks to their Lou-approved pretzel bites, cheese board, and artichoke dip. Don't worry if you have older kids or a bigger appetite because their pretzel dogs are sure to fill you up. Kids can also enjoy local craft sodas or flavored milk while you enjoy your favorite Boulevard beer or try the newest brew in a flight. No visit is complete without a round in the 1957 Shasta trailer photo booth.

*if you're looking for a kid-free visit be sure to check out the Rec Deck which recently opened on the top floor. It is 21+ and features several fun games, but the highlight is the gorgeous shuffleboard area.

Martin City Brewery

4000 Indian Creek Pkwy, Overland Park, KS 66206

We fell in love with Martin City Brewery's Mission Farms location because the beer and food are fantastic, but we continue to come back (at least twice a month) because of the welcoming environment created by their managers and staff. Trust me, Lou has thrown more snacks on the floor at Martin City than any other place in town, but their staff never make us feel bad...they're usually joking along with Lou! Martin City also happens to have the best gluten-free beer, Yoga Pants, in town so even you're gluten challenged friends can join for a beer and delicious food. We know that Lou will have a happy camper especially once his cheese pizza arrives, but they also serve a variety of appetizers, salads, and sandwiches. While we wait on that pizza Lou has fun coloring on the kids menu. We're so happy that the Mission Farms location is just a few minutes away, but even if it is a little bit farther of a drive for you it will always be worth the trip! Little tip, make a reservation if you plan to visit Friday or Saturday because we are not the only family in town that loves MCB so they do fill up.

*You can also visit them at the original gastro pub and pizza & taproom in Martin City as well as their newest pizza & taproom in Lee's Summit.

Brew Lab

7925 Marty St, Overland Park, KS 66204

You know a brewery is family friendly when they have kid seats that work with their high top tables! Lou always gets a kick out of sitting up high right next to mom and dad. If there is one thing that seems to be most important when visiting a brewery with a little one in tow it is the attitude of the staff. Brew Lab welcomed us and Lou as if he was one of their buddies which meant he had a blast interacting with everyone. They also have some of the most unique brews in town like Caramel Latte Stout, Gingerbread Frazzled Hefeweizen, Easy Peasy Key Lime Squeazy Sour. Their menu features so many options including five kid's meal options (Lou is always partial to a burger like his mama). Brew Lab is nestled in Downtown Overland Park which also has my favorite farmer's market that runs from the spring through the fall. If you need me and Lou during those months on a Saturday you can be sure to find us at the market followed by a burger at Brew Lab.

Go-To Snacks

If there is one thing I've learned while exploring and traveling with Lou it is that snacks are key! We tend to look for places that have kid-friendly menu items, but that isn't always guaranteed if you are checking out somewhere new, or waiting on food to arrive so I keep these three snacks stocked in our diaper bag because they are each highly nutritious and Lou loves them:

  • Serenity Kids pouch*- these pouches have been a favorite ever since Lou started eating solids and now that his is a toddler they make the perfect snack! He loves the flavors, but I love that they are made with organic vegetables, healthy fats, and ethically sourced meat. Use code BREADKALE15 for 15% off your first purchase at

  • Bisty's Brain Food crackers*- Bisty's has become one of our favorite brands recently because the savory and sweet cracker options (Lou loves ranch, cheddar, and cinnamon) are made with vegetables. They are sure to please even the pickiest eater and are a great on-the-go snack.

  • Happy Tot fiber & protein bars*- Lou immediately gets excited when he sees these bars! They're organic and give your little one a boost of fiber and protein along with vegetable and fruit nutrients which make them another great option for picky kids.

Must-Have Toys

  • Fat Brain Dimpl- I'll be honest I had heard this toy was a MUST HAVE to keep in the diaper bag from my favorite mommy blogger, Mrs. Nipple, but I was skeptical. Fast forward 8 months since we bought it and I could not imagine going anywhere without it. Something about moving the silicone buttons instantly put little ones in a trance. This toy more than any other has saved us from toddler meltdowns. And you can shop it locally at The Learning Tree in Corinth Square.

  • Word Cards- We alternate between two different word card sets that both come on a ring. We've had the Baby Einstein Shapes & Numbers* cards since last summer and love that the little ring is actually a plastic turtle with small rings stacked for restless little hands. The images are cute and educational. We recently bought MudPuppy First Word* cards which have been great for us to change up options since variety can be key for entertaining little ones. The images are adorable and varied so your little one will be introduced to a lot of great first words.

*I earn a small commission from the starred links as a Serenity Kids and Amazon affiliate, but I would share these products regardless because we really use and love them.

As you can see, it is imspossible to pick a favorite brewery because each one has its own unique personality, but they are all so welcoming of little ones and focus on high quality food and brews. We are truly blessed in Kansas City and the best part is this is only the tip of the KC brewery iceberg! Prost!


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