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Beer and Kale Enthusiast Beer List

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Welcome to my wonderful journey to try all the beers and then share them with all of you! Honestly y'all, I've often joked that I'm an "equal opportunity drinker" because I think wine, beer, and cocktails all have their time-and-place, but there's just something about a damn good beer. Y'all know that I love to share the things that I love and I really do love beer. I decided the only way to do these amazing craft beers justice would be to create a list that will help people discover new beers, and provide all the information needed to make a beer selection if you're looking to branch out. I'm providing the standard info like ABV and tasting notes, but I'm also including my own little twists like food pairing suggestions. This list is categorized by type starting with the lightest so whether you're looking for an easy sipping hefeweizen or an imperial stout just keep scrolling till you find whatever fits your fancy. I'll constantly be updating so be sure to check back frequently, or keep an eye on my Instagram @breadandkaleenthusiast for notifications in my stories of a new beer posted. Prost!

Ps you'll also notice that the last section will be dedicated to canned cocktails because well more and more breweries I love are releasing them so I want to drink and share them as well.

*Please drink responsibly*




Rahr & Sons Blonde Lager has held a top 5 spot in my favorite beer list for since I first tried it in 2010 and I doubt that will ever changed. This medium-bodied helles style lager will please anyone. It is the type of beer we keep stocked whether its for a tailgate, backyard bbq, or movie night at home. It will pair with just about any food and is light enough that you can enjoy a few. (and yes I might be partial since Rahr & Sons is a Fort Worth native like myself, but I genuinuely love this beer).

Beer Info: 5% ABV. 20 IBU.

Wheat Ale

Taylor surprised me with this beer and my eyes immediately lit up when I saw the can! Defiance is one of my favorite breweries (Willy Nilly ale is an all-time fav). The Kansas American Wheat is a light refreshing beer for summer. This beer was made for light beer drinkers (lookin' at my Bud/Coors/Miller light folks), or when you just want something refreshing and low abv on hot hot summer days. Typically I prefer an unfiltered wheat, but this beer is still pleasant and worth a try.

Beer Info: 4.2% ABV

You might notice I never say something is my favorite because honestly I have too much love for too many beers, but Summer Pasture American Wheat from Fields & Ivy has been my FAVORITE beer this summer! It is perfectly light for summer days, but also full of flavor thanks to wheat, orange, and subtle honey. I'm a big fan of balanced citrus and hops which is just delightful in this wheat ale. The color is a beautiful, hazy orange and the bottle is my favorite beer bottle of all time.

Beer info: 5.5% ABV. 16 IBU

I was honestly on the fence about this one because in my experience fruity wheats can be heavy-handed on the sweetness. While the Shiner Weisse N' Easy does have a sweet hint thanks to Texas dewberries, it is foremost a light refreshing wheat beer. My mom who is a notorious light beer drinker thoroughly enjoyed this so while I think pretty much everyone will like this easy-sipper it is definitely a good one to give anybody who might be picky on beers, but looking for new options.

Beer Info: 4% ABV. 10 IBU. 95 Cals. 2.9g Carbs. 0g Sugar.


Mexican-Style Lagers

Nothing says summer like a Mexican-style lager, tacos, and a sunny patio. Shiner's seasonal sea salt & lime is an ideal beer to pair with your tacos this summer. It is a light-bodied lager brewed with lime peel and a subtle hint of salt so you have the refreshing citrus note without having to slice up your own limes.

Beer Info: 4% ABV. 20 IBU.

When you think about a Mexican-style lager you might not think about a Lawrence, KS brewery, but you should. Fields & Ivy Brewery's de Gallo Lager is brewed with lime juice, sea salt, and heirloom corn. The lime brings a refreshing citrus hit while the salt balances it out. You'll be able to find me on my patio with one of these in hand all summer.

Beer Info: 4.5% ABV. 15 IBU.


On paper I would not expect this beer to work. Wild Acre explains it as, "a medium-bodied, a refreshing ale brewed with premium malts and a healthy addition of blue agave nectar to deliver an earthy characteristic. Lime is added after fermentation to impart a citrus flair." I've had my fair share of barrel-aged or infused beers, but I was not sure how agave nectar would translate in an ale. It works! Somehow this beer seriously works and I have never tried anything like it. Serve it ice-cold during a hot summer day then just sit back and enjoy the beautiful agave plant on the can. I wish I could better describe the flavor for y'all, but just trust me (and Taylor who loved it)'s a good one!

Beer Info: 6.3% ABV. 15 IBU.

Blonde Ale

Blonde ale will forever be my go-to beer style. It is easy drinking and is not dominated by either hops or malt. It is the style of beer that your mom, brother, and crazy uncle will all enjoy, and Wild Acre Brewing out of Fort Worth makes one of the best with their Texas Blonde. There are hints of pineapple and mango along with a little bit of hop from Azacca Hops. You also just cannot go wrong with this can which is adorned with the Texas state flower, blue bonnet. This is a year-round beer that pairs well with any style of food under the sun.

Beer Info: 5.7% ABV. 10 IBU.

Farmhouse Ale

Pale Ale

First of all, if you find yourself in Fort Worth head to Martin House Brewing Co to enjoy some of the best local beer right next to the Trinity River. Secondly, the Mr. 40 Burgers Juicy Pale Ale is delightful. I typically prefer the full hoppiness of a hazy IPA, but Mr. 40 Burgers is citrusy and smooth. It is a good choice when you're craving a little bit of haze, but on the subtle end.

ps I'll get it on this list eventually, but Martin House's Day Break 4 Grain Breakfast Beer is my favorite of their year round offerings!

Beer Info: 6.4% ABV. 22 IBU.

Hazy Pale Ale

The steinie bottle style and serene label immediately drew me to Fields & Ivy Brewery's Breezedale Hazy IPA bottle in the build-your-own six pack section of our local liquor store, but the tropical fruit notes and beautiful haze has me coming back for more! The flavor is more subtle than some of my other favorite hazy IPA's (looking at you Boulevard Space Camper), but that is why I love it. It is easy drinking, but does not skimp on what makes a hazy so darn good.

Beer Info: 5.9% ABV. 45 IBU.

I'm so in love with the recent hazy pale ale trend! I've been a big fan of big hazy IPA's, but y'all sometimes you need something closer to the 5% abv that still has a delightful haze. Car Camper from Great Divide is a great example of this style! The tropical hints of mango, melon, and coconut along with the pleasant mouthfeel make this an ideal patio beer (or throw some in your backpack on your next hike like the can elicits). Car Camper will be a mainstay in our beer fridge.

Beer Info: 5% ABV. 2 IBU

India Pale Ale


Being from Texas I consider myself a true lover of pecans (hello state nut!) so I jump at any chance to try something pecan related. Thankfully, Martin City's Candied Pecan Porter did not disappoint! It finished lighter than I expected, but was full of pecan flavor and sweet without being overwhelming. I'm not the biggest porter drinker, but I will continue to sip on this while it is on tap.

Beer Info: 6.1% ABV. 20 IBU


I am always here for a local collaboration! Meet Martin City's Broo Stout in collaboration with local Shatto Milk Company. Most stouts based on things like chocolate milk or milk shakes end up far too sweet to even finish, but this beer drinks very smooth. You'll notice a malty, chocolate nose right away, but I do feel like the chocolate flavor is subtle while sipping. It has a nice finish. Honestly, it won't become a regular for me, but it is absolutely worth a try especially to say you tried the Shatto Milk beer.

Beer Info: 6.3% ABV. 9 IBU.

Canned Cocktails

Ok, ok I know these are not beers, but come on they're conveniently canned, many breweries are getting in on it, and I love them so they're getting a spot on the list!

Y'all it should come as no surprise that Ranch Rider Spirits is my all-time favorite (yes I'm saying it!) canned cocktail brand. It comes straight from Texas and was even created by 2 University of Texas MBA students. The Chilton, vodka+sparkling water+fresh squeezed lime juice+sea salt is my go-to. You can taste that the vodka is high quality. The lemon is so refreshing. But the sea salt, y'all the hint of sea salt is what blew me away. You need this in your fridge for patio hangs, or in your cooler for on-the-go adventures.

Cocktail Info: 6% ABV. 119 Cals. 0.5g Sugar. 1.4 Carbs. GF.

Find a pool. Crack a Mighty Swell Cherry Lime Hard Spritzer. Thank me later. I am diehard for cherry limeades (the world's best is Storms in Hamilton, TX!) so I jumped at this spritzer which hails from Austin, TX. Made from fresh picked cherries and fresh lime juice, this cherry lime will not disappoint. It's missing all of the sugar of the original cherry limeades, but still has a delightful sweetness balanced by the citrus and tartness. This will easily become your drink of the summer.

Info: 5% ABV. 100 Cals. 3g Sugar (0 added). Contains 2.5% Juice.

Y'all likely know I love a good ranch water {tequila, Topo Chico aka sparkling water, lime juice}, because it is intensely refreshing on a hot summer day, but let's be honest sometimes tequila might be a little much. That's when you'll want to grab a Lone River Ranch Water Hard Seltzer. Made with organic agave and lime juice, you'll satisfy that ranch water craving, but at only 80 calories and 4% ABV you'll be feeling a lot better the next day after a few in comparison to its tequila based cousin. Lone River also has spicy and grapefruit options.

Info: 4% ABV. 80 Cals. 3g Carbs.

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