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Beer and Kale Gift Guide

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

As an avid beer enthusiast, I am lucky to be surrounded by a lot of fellow beer lovers including my husband, brothers, and many friends. Often times I give presents relating to this shared love of beer. This year I thought I would round up my favorite classic and creative gifts for beer lovers. Some are KC local ideas and some are from bigger box stores, but they're all items I've gifted over the years to the beer lovers in my life.

Ps I've put * next to any items that are linked through LiketoKnow.It as I do earn a small commission from purchases made directly through those links, but plenty of them are just plain old links from places I love!

This first idea is easily the most classic beer-lover gift. Whether you're buying for a beer enthusiast, or casual beer fan they'll love a custom set of pint glasses. Unlike novelty glasses which can be outgrown in time, these will be enjoyed for a very long time thanks to the classic, customized style.

Chances are the beer lover in your life enjoys some craft brews, but I would bet they haven't tried their hand at brewing their own craft creations. This kit is a foolproof and fun way to make your own beer at home. You can find options for several styles, but I always go for the IPA.

For beer lovers who also love to entertain snag them this stylish beverage tub. We got this one from Crate & Barrel for our wedding 6 years go and still love it! It is durable and holds a couple 6 packs of bottles. The handles also make it convenient when it needs to be refilled.

Hammerpress is a local KC letterpress and design studio that teams up with Boulevard Brewing Co to create beautiful decor that make the perfect gifts! This poster stands out for its gorgeous design and inviting message.

Is the beer lover in your life also a KC Chiefs fan? If yes, then you you'll win the holidays by giving these Made in KC x Charlie Hustle pint glasses with the classic KC heart design in Chiefs red & gold.

Taylor and I love building our own 6 packs at liquor stores and this beautiful wooden caddy is the perfect way to transport (and sometime share) our craft finds to friends' houses. I bought Taylor a similar option (no longer available) a few years ago and he uses it all the time, but I wish I had found this one back then because it features a convenient bottle opener.

Help the beer lovers in your life rep their favorite local brewery with a brewery tee. We love the shirts from Casual Animal Brewing Company in KC, but most local breweries have merchandise available so if you know their favorite brewery or specific beer odds are you can find a shirt for it at the breweries website. The best part is you'll also be supporting that local brewery!

I'm a big fan of taking ordinary items like a bottle opener and adding a special touch by customizing with a favorite quote or initials. Its a little touch that can really stand out. I love this classic stainless option with a fun, subtle bottle design.

Chances are the beer lovers in your life have their fair share of koozies, but I bet they don't have one like the Rumple Beer Blanket! Its fun, unique sleeping bag design stands out (especially if your person also love the outdoors). Plus it conveniently folds up into its tiny stuff sack so it can be tossed into a pocket or purse when not in use.

I'll be honest, I bought this as a gift for Taylor last year, but I've used it just as much (maybe more) as he has because it is just so interesting! Whether you're a total beer novice or a full blown enthusiast, this book is a fun way to learn more about the diverse beverage we all love. It also makes for some great at-home date nights as it will guide you through tasting classes so grab a six pack or two and dive into some fun learning.

Ok y'all I might have save the best for last because of all the gifts I've given to beer lovers the Growler Club Membership from local fav, KC Bier Co, is the most popular! This $55 lifetime membership includes; members-only stainless steel growler, quarterly members-only events (not in 2020), KC Bier Co shirt, one free birthday beer, 50% off brewery tour (not in 2020), 20% off growler refills on Wednesdays, and 10% off your entire tab everyday including growler refills!

Happy holidays and cheers!!!!


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