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Bread and Kale Must-Haves

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

There are few things I love more than discovering new products from household to skin care to organization to wellness...ok the list could go on and on, but you get the picture. I love finding high quality items that get me the most bang for my buck. I look for companies that have missions I would stand behind as well because as a consumer I feel it is my responsibility to support local when I can, and support companies making a positive impact on our society and planet. I'm doing all the searching for you so continue on to find all the items with the Bread and Kale stamp of approval!

For Household Goods

I know for most cleaning isn't exactly an enjoyable experience, but I've always loved cleaning my home. Seriously y'all when I was 3 I told my mom I wanted to be a maid and would ask if I could clean the sink for fun. I doubt everyone has my joy for cleaning, but I swear having the best products (especially ones that are safe for you and your loved ones) makes the experience more enjoyable! I buy almost all of my household goods from Grove Collaborative which sources the best in clean goods. If you also want to try out Grove Collaborative you can get a free 5-piece gift using this link.

GC Daily Shower Cleaning Concentrate- As much as I love cleaning, I hate cleaning the shower! This spray helps us keep our shower smelling and looking great between cleans longer. I also love Grove's cleaning concentrates because their gorgeous glass spray bottles cut down on waste and the concentrate refills are even recyclable.

Counter Culture Probiotic Air + Fabric Spray- My husband has a serious air and fabric spray problem. At one point we had probably 8 different bottles of Glade and Febreeze, but since having our son last year I have put the kibosh on toxic air sprays. Thankfully, I found Counter Culture spray which uses good bacteria to eliminate odors in fabric and air so your home can smell great and you can breathe easy!

Seventh Generation Dishwasher Packets*- This is one of the most recent nontoxic product swaps I've made. I cannot believe how long it took me to realize the importance of using a nontoxic product for cleaning the surface that hold our food, but I am never looking back! These work so well and it is such a relief to know that there are no toxins lingering on our plates and cups.

For Clean Beauty and Skincare

My journey with clean beauty began when I was pregnant, but I've continued to explore brands and ingredients to find not only the safest products, but also ones that get you the most bang for your buck.

Gua Sha Tool- Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese technique of scraping the skin with a jade tool to increase circulation. Gua Sha can be done full body, but I focus only on my neck in face. It can add with lymphatic drainage, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and tone muscles. It can also address non-vanity issues like easing migraines and TMJ. I ordered the Skin Gym set which features a jade roller and gua sha tool. I start my morning with the roller then end my day with gua sha which has not only changed my skin, but also provides a nightly self-care ritual. My nightly ritual can be found in my Instagram highlights, but Britta Plug is also my go-to for all things gua sha technique.

Honest Beauty Mascara*- I've always been on the hunt for a favorite mascara. Not only is it important to me that I purchase from a nontoxic company that does not test on animals, but I also have very sensitive eyes. This mascara has become my go-to since I first tried it 6 months ago. It checks all of my boxes and is even super affordable!

Honest Beauty Vitamin C Radiance Serum*- I was late to the game on vitamin C serums, but now I do now what I would do without its skin brightening benefits. I love that Honest Beauty is affordable, nontoxic, and does not test on animals.

Farmacy Green Clean- This product has genuinely changed my skincare! It is so gentle that it can even effectively remove eye makeup, and it does not leave your skin feeling stripped. It smells so amazing that I feel like I'm getting a mini spa moment every time I cleanse my face. It is also nontoxic, not tested on animals, and slightly lower cost than many comparable options.

Farmacy Sleep Tight Night Balm- The first time I tried this night balm I was not sure what to expect, but just like the rest of Farmacy's products it smells like a spa. It also melts into a lightweight oil which pairs perfectly with my nightly Gua Sha routine.

For Cooking

As you can tell from the blog, I love cooking! Here are my tried-and-true kitchen favorites.

Meat Thermometer- This is such a simple tool, but it really makes the cooking experience more enjoyable when cooking meat of any kind. No one wants food poisoning, but we also don't want to hack into our freshly roasted chicken to ensure it is finished. This thermometer has lasted me 2 years and it still reads consistently every time.

For Pets

We have two dogs and 2 cats so it is safe to assume that we have tried all kinds of products for them. Here are the ones that we love!

KONG*- When it comes to dog toys, they do not get better than KONGS! I'm linking a 2-pack which we bought for our two boys, but they do have various size options. KONGS are durable enrichment toys that can be as easy as popping in a handful of treats for you pup to work out, or you can fill them with various ingredients to freeze into a great snack. As dogs work to get all the goodies out, they'll also be activating their foraging instincts. Our favorite way to stuff our KONGS is low sodium chicken broth, green beans, sweet potato, and shredded rotisserie chicken with the two wholes sealed with peanut butter. Once frozen this lasts our dogs over half an hour!

*if you load your KONG with a lot of food or peanut butter adjust your pet's meal amounts to avoid overfeeding.

*I receive a small commission from many of the links I share, but not all. My affiliate links are identified with *'s.

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