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Bread and Kale Enthusiast Discount Codes and Referral Links

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Hi y'all! So if you follow me over on Instagram then you've seen me share some of my favorite products and services along with discount codes and referral links for many of them (ps if you are following my at @BreadandKaleEnthusiast yet then give me a follow for even more KC love, life with Lou, and easy recipes/meal ideas). I want to make it as easy as possible for y'all to receive great deals on stuff that I really love and use on a regular basis so you can check out this page anytime for updated referral links and discount codes.

Affiliate Codes:

Serenity Kids*


Receive 15% off your first order from



Receive 15% off your first order from



Receive $10 off your first order from

Referral Links:


Receive $15 off your first purchase at

Grove Collaborative

Receive free 5-piece gift set with your first purchase from


Receive $20 off a new Loverery play kit subscription

Wildling Beauty

Receive 15% off your first order from

Function of Beauty

Receive $5 off your first order from

Twice Toothpaste

Receive $5 off your first order from

Olive & June

Receive $20% off any system

*I do make a very small commission on LiketoKnowIt, Amazon, and affiliate codes. Next to each brand that I receive a commission from on this page and others you will see * to identify. The other links are simple referral links (think you get $10 off an order, I get $10 off an order). I put in a lot of work to this website and Instagram because I love it, but I also really appreciate whenever someone uses my links and codes because it feels amazing to make even a small amount for my work and as a stay-at-home mom. If you have any questions about this please ask because I am an open book!

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